Yearim Leslie Yi is a South Korean-American classical pianist, commercial model & actress, and former full-stack developer. ​She has shown her interest in classical music in the early age that has led her to studying the piano at the age of five and the violin at the age of nine.

Yearim has received her master's degree from the Manhattan School of Music (Master of Music, MM), after graduating from the Florida State University (Bachelor of Music, BM). In April of 2019, she made her Carnegie debut, and has been actively teaching and performing as a solo and chamber musician at prestigious music festivals across the States.

During Covid, she made her transition into tech, after graduating from Flatiron School Coding Bootcamp. After a few years in the technology field, Yearim returned to her true passion: performing arts. She worked at Midori & Friends as a music administrator/teaching artist and is now focusing solely on her career as a musician, educator, and model & actress in New York City.

When she is not behind the keyboards (piano or computer), you may also find her around the city behind the cameras as a portrait photographer.

🔗 Journey of the Multi-Keyboard Artist

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    Flatiron School

    06/2021 - 10/2021

    New York, NY

    Fifteen-week program in full-stack development. Languages and topics covered include Ruby, Object-Oriented Programming, SQL, Sinatra, Product Management, Javascript, React and Redux.

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    School of Music

    Class of 2021

    New York, NY

    Master of Music (MM)
    Piano Performance

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    Florida State University

    Class of 2019

    Tallahassee, FL

    Bachelor of Music (BM)
    Piano Performance

Piano Lessons

With over 8 years of experience as a dedicated piano and music theory instructor, Yearim offers unparalleled expertise in teaching students of all levels in New York City.
Available in-person lessons at your home, her apartment with her Yamaha upright, or the convenience of virtual sessions, Yearim's teaching approach is tailored to meet everyone's musical goals.

Boasting a stellar 5 out of 5 star reviews at respected institutions like Arete Music Academy and Outschool, Yearim's commitment to providing a rewarding and enriching learning experience shines through.

📧Email [email protected] for an enriching piano journey today!

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Technical Projects

Teladoc Health

Message Transportation​ Layer

Working in a backend engineering team called Message Transportation Layer (MTL) using C-sharp and .Net as our primary language and framework.

  1. Implementing and Developing an end-to-end layer that is used to receive, convert and deliver types of messages across the enterprise.
  2. Participate in presentations and paired coding
  3. Technologies include C# , .NET, Kafka, Docker, Firebase.
NYC Bootcamp Computer Setup

NYC Bootcampers Anonymous

As part of Teladoc Health's Apprenticeship program, I participated at NYC Bootcampers Anonymous for A Night of Tech Lightning Talks.

The Topic includes

  1. Prerequisite: Message Queue and Publish & Subscribe Pattern
  2. What is Kafka?
  3. Benefits of Using Kafka
  4. Setting Up Kafka in C#
  5. Short Demo
Brainstormers Wireframe App


Brainstormers is an application that provides tools used for studying and learning by creating/studying study sets and flashcards.

  1. Modeled custom database schema and REST API with Active Record, Postgres and Ruby on Rails
  2. Built front end using React and Redux asynchronous data retrieval
  3. Authenticated and authorized users at login with Bcrypt
  4. Implemented Design using Material UI, Semantic UI

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